Healthy Living: ‘Tis the Season of Temptations

Four simple tips on maintaining healthy eating habits during the holidays from your YMCA.

For many of us, the battle of the bulge starts with the leftover Halloween candy. And...what’s another slice of pie when it's Thanksgiving? By December, all that baking, shopping and snacking can really add up.

"At the Y, we believe that small steps lead to big changes and with a balanced approach, even during the busy holiday season families can discover ways to live healthier" said Gina Lembo, wellness director for the Robert Fowler Family YMCA.

The YMCA offers four simple tips to keep you from tipping the scale.

1. Maintain your exercise routine. You’re not just burning calories, you're also making time for yourself.

2. Aim for Five Every Day.  The delicious crunch of fruits and veggies can be part of every meal and snack your family enjoys and is important for your whole family’s health. Stay healthy by reaching for five servings every day.

3. Choose Your Drinks with Care.  One of the simplest and most important things you can do for your health is to drink water, cutting out drinks with added sugar.  Make water your first choice every time, especially after physical activity. 

4. Control Your Portions.  Using smaller plates can be an effective strategy for reducing the amount of food that your family eats. Our tendency when we serve food is to fill the plate, which often leads to larger portion sizes than we actually need. Consider serving your meals on the salad plates instead of the larger entrée plates.  If someone wants seconds, provide additional servings of fruits and vegetables.

Here’s to a happy, healthy holiday season!


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