Hello, West Cobb!

Meet Jon Gargis, your new editor for West Cobb Patch.

Today’s a milestone for yours truly for two reasons. The first is that it was two years ago today that I began working for Patch.com.

More importantly for you, dear reader, is that today marks the start of my first full week as editor of West Cobb Patch. (Admittedly, I began last week, but I thought I’d hold off on a formal introduction until after the Thanksgiving weekend.)

I come to West Cobb Patch from neighboring Dallas-Hiram Patch, which I still oversee. But as the new editor as well as a fellow resident of West Cobb, I’m committed to making your Patch a great source of information and a service that will make your life easier.

As much as I'd like to cover every business, every school, every church, every community group and every local achievement, the truth is that I'm one person. I can't do it by myself. That's why I invite you to post announcements and press releases, upload events, share your photos and videos and become a Local Voices blogger. It’s free and ridiculously easy.

1. Make sure you're a registered user of westcobb.patch.com. There's no charge, no catch, no gimmick. Just enter your legal first and last name, email address and password. No partial names, nicknames or aliases, please.

2. Look for the "Contribute" header at the bottom of the homepage. Under that, click on the "Announce something to everyone" or "Put an event on the calendar" links.

3. If you're interested in blogging, click on the "Start a Blog" link on the West Cobb Patch homepage. You can find it under the thumbnail of the second featured story.

4. Fill in all the fields. (You can even upload photos, PDF documents, logos, videos and YouTube clips to the file.) 

5. Voila! You're done.

See. Didn't I tell you it was easy?

This is YOUR Patch, and you, dear reader, know what matters the most to you. So please don't hesitate to email me at jon.gargis@patch.com with any news tips, thoughts or ideas you have. If you're interested in knowing more about me as your new editor, please feel free to read my brief bio on Patch.

Thanks for reading!

Allison Bentley December 04, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Jon is a wonderful editor! West Cobb is lucky to have him!


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