Did you “Let Senator Judson Hill Know What you Think”

Senator Judson Hill (R) East Cobb
Senator Judson Hill (R) East Cobb

Why did Judson Hill send me a postcard? It says “Let Judson Hill know what you think.” Doesn’t he know the priorities of his constituents? I’m glad that after living in East Cobb for six years that my state senator is finally soliciting opinions from the people who vote.

It says “Legislative Issues Survey”. The three legislative questions of interest to Judson are,

(1) Has your family been affected negatively by Obamacare?

(2) Do you support a Constitutional Convention to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution?

(3) Do you support giving public school teachers a raise as a top priority of Georgia?


For question (1) you might notice a partisan slant in the question but my Senator wasn’t looking to gather facts. The question was so 2013 FOX news / Koch brothers.

This postcard arrived in March 2014 and then came 6 million sign-ups, then 7 million sign-ups, and finally 8 million sign-ups but Judson should not be dissuaded. He has a safe district. Tom Price gets re-elected trying to repeal Social Security and Medicare. Judson can continue to fight Obamacare and ignore his constituent’s as long as he wants.

For question (2) about the Balanced Budget Amendment, Judson knows that dog don’t hunt and never has but he has to give his GOP base a little something to chew on even if it is a very old fantasy chew toy.

Question (3) is an insult to the highly educated and trained professional educators of Cobb County. They aren’t greedy educational capitalists who went to college to get rich. They don’t want a raise, if it means laying off their fellow educators.

Teachers are poorly paid, overworked, and the first to be eliminated when politician’s like you can’t find a way to support quality public education. Teachers want smaller class sizes because they are educational professionals. Teachers want their students to have adequate educational tools, recess, physical education, arts, and music classes because they are educational professionals. Teachers want a little help.

Quality public education is the foundation of a growing economy, a strong democracy, and the main support for East Cobb home values.

Per student funding by the state has gone down every year since Governor Roy Barnes left office. Quality public education is the number one local priority by the vast majority of moms and dads in East Cobb and their state senator refuses to address the issue as the number of Cobb teachers decrease and the class sizes increase every year.

I saw Judson Hill on TV at a capitol rally with the Americans for Prosperity. The Koch brothers provide the money for this astro-turf organization and many Tea Party candidates. Quality public education is not their “top priority”. 

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