Harrison PTSA Fighting for Renovations

The Cobb school board is set to vote on the issue at Thursday's meeting after showing division at last week's work session.

Editor's Note: The following note was sent out by the PTSA Tuesday evening. Patch is publishing it unedited for those interested but aren't subscribed to the email list. The issue was also debated by the Board of Education in February 2011 . The Marietta Daily Journal is reporting this morning that the board has the thumbs up from the Facilities and Technology committee.

Dear Harrison Parents, Booster Club Members, Teachers, and Community Members:

The Cobb County Board of Education will meet on Thursday night at 7:00 at the Cobb County Boardroom.  During this meeting, the Board will be discussing and voting on .  As you may have read in the newspaper, at this time the Board is divided in danger of delaying or canceling the building and renovations to Harrison High School.

Research has shown that a Freshman Center helps students transition from eighth grade to high school. You can help the students of Harrison High School by creating an email compiled with the facts in this document to ALL the board members in support of moving forward with the building project and renovations by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening and/or attending Thursday night’s Board Meeting during the public comment.  Names and email addresses of Board Members are provided below.

Please find below a list of improvements that this project encompasses.  Harrison High School has had no major renovations or additions since the opening of the school 21 years ago.  New schools have been built or renovated around us to encompass modern facilities and technology.  We use the oldest facility in West Cobb with the fewest state-of-the-art enhancements to reach the same educational standards expected of all Cobb County students. 

  • Provide additional classrooms meeting current educational standards (designed as the 9thGrade Center) eliminating existing, long standing trailers and the need for teachers to float from room-to-room. 
  • Renovation of existing classroom space to provide existing instructional programs with adequate space for their programs.
  • Replace existing track which, because it is over twelve years old, is in deplorable condition.  Our track is a safety issue for our physical education classes and athletic programs. 
  • Renovation of the Theater to include new audience seating, new flooring, new house lighting and painting.
  • Provide new Chorus instructional space.  The Chorus is currently housed in a regular classroom, never designed for Chorus.  It does not have sufficient space or acoustics, and does not meet standards set forth by the state for choral instruction as provided for all other schools in the district.
  • Reconfiguration of existing parking lot to incorporate an area suitable for marching band rehearsal in a safer environment.
  • Electrical system upgrades to increase capacity.
  • Renovation of the existing Physical Education field adjacent to the baseball field.
  • Correct drainage problems at the existing baseball field. 
  • Replace stadium lighting and upgrade electrical service to the Stadium.
  • Replace the emergency generator for the main building electrical system.
  • Replace all flooring throughout the existing building.

Board Member Information: Please contact ALL Board Members through emails or phone calls.

Lynnda Eagle  ▪  Post 1
lcrowder-eagle.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 404-697-9562

Tim Stultz  ▪  Post 2
tstultz.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 678-773-1877

David Morgan   ▪   Post 3 ▪  Vice Chairman
dmorgan.boardmember@cobbk12.org  |  404-702-1857 
DMorganforschools@gmail.com  |  404-803-9975

Kathleen Angelucci   ▪  Post 4
kangelucci.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 678-896-6399

David Banks ▪ Post 5
dbanks.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 404-725-3394

Scott Sweeney  ▪  Post 6  ▪   Chairman
ssweeney.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 678-646-2470

Alison Bartlett  ▪  Post 7
abartlett.boardmember@cobbk12.org| 404-702-9291


Board Meeting Information:

Thursday, March 22nd at 7:00pm

**Speakers MUST sign in by 6:30 to be included in Public Comments.

Location of Board Meeting
514 Glover Street
Marietta, GA  30060


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