Jack Reacher is in Cruise control

Tom Cruise plays an ex Army investigator who puts the smackdown on just about everyone he meets.

 Cruise delves out the punishment as an ex-miltary guy roped into a murder investigation. He's got to take out the bad guys, save the girl, and find the real killer in 'Jack Reacher'.

The Jack Reacher book series has been popular for years, now its moving to the big screen under Cruise control, as a quiet and deadly man.

Cruise is the rare action star who brings both brawn and brains to a role, but in this case he's limited by a weak script. He does, however, excel during the action scenes. Packing quite a punch. A real kick in the pants. See the video here, you will know what I'm talking about.

What you see is what you get in this movie. Action, reaction, Cruise being brutal and brash, it's all here. The crime that draws the film's reclusive ex-Army investigator out of the shadows — a sniper gunning down people on a city street — couldn't have been a worse one to land in theaters in the wake of recent events in Connecticut...but the show must go on. So the flick-o-meter gives Jack Reacher a three out of five.

There's plenty of action but no real tension and dialogue. Seeing Cruise in this role I was saying to myself that something just wasn't right about it. I've met Tom Cruise several times, he's a pretty small guy, and it just doesn't seem to fit here as this larger than life Jack Reacher, who is a great character, but one that doesn't suit Cruise. 

Let me know what you think.

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