Police: Teen Pranks Can Equal Jail Time

Remind your children that intentionally causing damage to someone's property is a crime.

By Cobb Police

Summer vacation is approaching and school will be out very shortly. Now is a good time to remind teenagers of the criminal nature of many common “pranks." It is also a good time to remind teens that once they turn 17 they will be charged as an adult and will be booked into jail with other adults, many of whom have extensive criminal histories.

Just this week, we experienced our first rash of mailbox bashing and a teen has already been charged. An additional teen is facing charges as an adult. Remind your teens that intentionally causing damage to someone else’s property is a crime. When the dollar amount of that damage exceeds $500.00, the crime becomes a felony.

Talk to your teens, even the ones you think would never do such a thing. Encourage them to stop and think about the potential ramifications of engaging in such activities as mail box bashing, egging and toilet papering someone’s home or car, or breaking windows on abandoned homes or businesses. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor and if the victim desires prosecution, the teen will be charged. A few minutes of fun is not worth a criminal record that can carry a lifetime of consequences.

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CW Residents May 14, 2012 at 04:36 PM
I hope every parent shows this article to their teenage kids.


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