West Cobb Patch Editor Says Farewell

In these past two years, your passion for your community is what has stuck out the most.

Well, West Cobb, my time as a Patch editor has come to an end.

These past two years have been fun and exciting, challenging and trying, and above all else, a huge learning experience.

The No. 1 lesson you taught me: This community has passion. Passion for involvement in local government and schools. Passion for the success of your children, in the classroom, on the field, and in the future. Passion for helping one another. Passion for keeping the community clean. Passion for life, plain and simple.

The business owners of Powder Springs and West Cobb are an extremely friendly and welcoming bunch, always going out of their way for customers and each another. This is nowhere more true than in downtown Powder Springs, where everyone truly does know your name and exactly how to serve you. 

West Cobb’s older community is full of stories, from wars, from peaceful times living in a simpler era, from the roots of the area. Take the time to chat with them, because they’d love to talk with you.

The elementary, middle and high schoolers of both public and private schools in West Cobb are, by and large, respectful and driven. They’ve helped reel in the ample awards and recognitions recently that really make the community pop as a hub for education. 

I was often frustrated when it came to the Powder Springs city government, and I had long contemplated addressing the most glaring of issues and violations in this departing column. But I think most everything is already out there for anyone who cares.

One thing I would advise: Keep a very close eye on your elected officials. Millions of dollars are at their fingertips, so every move should be done under a microscope held by you, the citizen stockholder.

I would like to compliment the city’s employees, who, in spite of a years-long gap without raises and fear of layoffs, continue to work diligently and with great respect to taxpayer dollars. Faced with frequent negativity, especially on the police force, they do their jobs with smiling faces and a true love for bettering their community. 

Also deserving of recognition are City Council members Nancy Hudson and Al Thurman. They are anything but rubber-stampers and are not afraid to be on the dissenting end of a vote if they feel its something that goes against the best interests of the community.

One more piece of advice I have: Never forget that Patch is all about you and your community. Post your events for free. Blog for free. Claim your business, of course, for free.

I wish you, a person that makes West Cobb the thriving community it is, all the best,

Michael Stone

Dinorah Roldan November 17, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Michael, It was a pleasure meeting you and reading your columns in Patch. Wish you the best in your future endeavors!
Gary Huggins November 18, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Michael, as an alumni of McEachern High and a life graduate at 65, I congratulate you as a writer. My wish for you and yours a very happy, peaceful, and above all keep your soul and heart in tune with the God who knew you before you were born. The true happiness any can achieve is attained by serving Him and accepting Him as your friend for life. He'll be a friend who will never deceive nor leave, even in times when others are gone or don't want to be involved. Speak to Him for all your needs. Powder Springs has always been a wellspring of individuality and I grew to love most of the people. glh
Terri Becker Foschini November 19, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Hi Mr. Stone, I am sorry to read that you are leaving the Patch. I feel that you may be moving on to something very exciting in your career. The concerns you have about the government of Powder Springs, warns us to be informed about the inner workings of the officials who are in charge of keeping our trust and the need to be overseen for conflicts. Are they doing what is best for the people of Powder Springs? Political powers should be watched by the citizens of the community and in even in smallest or the largest of communities in our country. In many cases with power comes problems of keeping them honest. I know that in your farewell to the readers of the www.westcobbpatch.com your recognition of those who work hard for the citizens of Powder Springs is truly long overdue, not by you but by those who should be thankful for the work they do for us. Those who really try to help us and the community are grateful for the hard work they do for us. I know the staff of this city don't do the hard work for recognition but a sincere thank you is always nice for those who give their all, for Powder Springs. Take care, Terri Foschini www.homemadedaze.com
Terri Becker Foschini November 19, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Part 2 of 2 Hi again, Mr. Stone, I really appreciated your encouragement to begin my blog with the Patch. Having written some post on my personal blog, www.homemadedaze.com, was an outlet for my locked up creativity that has gotten some really positive recognition from the Powder Springs area. You were sort a speak my first editor, which I am so happy to have an editor who was confident that my writing was worth something. Thank you! Here is a suggestion for you, Why don't you begin a blog on the Patch. We can keep in touch with you and read about your adventures as you move on to new challenges. Take care, Terri Foschini www.homemadedaze.com
Petergaye November 23, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Hi Michael, I too am sorry to read of your departure; but I wish you the very, very best in your future endeavors. I also wanted to thank you for covering the story on our business (Petal's Rose Resale Boutique) when we were preparing to open our store. You always presented a positive spirit and you were very encouraging. Dwayne and I appreciate your support. As we say in Jamaica - 'Walk Good' (means good luck). :-) Best regards, Petergaye


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