Stress: It Can Bring You Down

I wanted to share this in order for folks to understand stress can be damaging and we do not even realize it until it is too late.

I've been under chiropractic care for over 23 years now, and yes, I still have symptoms like others. I wanted to share this in order for folks to understand stress can be damaging and we do not even realize it until it is too late.

Up until Friday evening, everything was going great. At the midnight hour is when emotionally I was at rock bottom which in turn caused me to be physically at rock bottom.

My body just decided it could not handle the stress that was put on me emotionally and decided to shut down physically. I was experiencing aches, pains, dizziness, tiredness, headaches, chills and fever.

I knew I could not let this get the best of me - I was not sick, just worn out. If you didn't know, stress comes in three forms: emotional, physical, and chemical. I decided, with the help of my chiropractor, to increase my visits by getting my Nervous System checked daily to make sure my body was working at its strongest.

Stress is hard to overcome but with my Nervous System working at its fullest potential I am now SUBLUXATION free.

I once read this statement: "Think about it, what happens when you plug ten appliances into one outlet and turn them all on at the same time? You blow a circuit! The same things can happen when you surge an unprotected Nervous System with STRESS"! This is so true. Today we put more on our plate than our bodies can handle.

Picture your Nervous System as an electrical outlet with multiple stresses plugged in. Turn them all on at the same time and POW - you overload the system, fry a circuit and ruin your good state of health.

Chiropractors call this a SUBLUXATION. Depending on what nerves (circuits) are blown, you could experience all kinds of symptoms to significant challenges such as High Blood Pressure.

It's impossible to turn off all stress in your life, but we can make it less painful if we know how to handle it. If your brain is not communicating with your nervous system, stress can be very harmful.

My chiropractor is like my surge protector - skillfully monitoring my Nervous System for overloads and ADJUSTING circuits back to normal when necessary. I know, it is a bit corny but it gets you thinking, doesn't it?

Paula (Mom of 5 Children)

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