Two Facing Charges in Douglas Death Case

A Powder Springs man is one of two individuals facing charges after a Dallas musician's body was left beside a store's Dumpster.

A Douglas County judge Monday denied bond for two people accused of dumping a Dallas musician's body by a Dumpster, according to the Douglas County Sentinel.

Kaleigh Rene Denig of Douglasville and Zachary Ryan Shipp of Powder Springs were arrested June 8, about two weeks after Topper Duffy, 24, died of an apparent heroin overdose. The pair allegedly tried to conceal Duffy's death by disposing his body beside a Dumpster at the Dollar General on Central Church Road, according to a warrant obtained by the Sentinel.

Denig, 21, and Shipp, 22, are charged with concealing death of another for their roles in the incident.

Duffy, a songwriter and entertainer, played across the state with the band Lucid, according to his obituary, which lists May 25 as his date of death.

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elise June 12, 2013 at 07:30 AM
They all messed up. There is no victim here. The guy made the choice to do the heroin. They didn't physically force it down his throat or however he did it. They should have called an ambulance, but can you blame them? They had drugs in the house and probably didn't want to get busted or in trouble. They freaked out. Typical druggie behavior and choices. Topper probably would have done the same... you never know. Put them in a rehab instead of prison!!!
Princess Curly June 12, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Topper has a backbone, he stands up an takes his punishment like a man, these two are just cowards...
Educate the Ignorant June 13, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Elise, Topper had a pulse when they left him for dead (as confirmed by the statement the young man made in court on Monday). This qualifies as manslaughter in my book, to which Topper was the victim. He was not murdered, but his life should have and could have been saved. And you must not have known Topper very well to say that "he probably would have done the same thing". Topper Duffy would have walked across hell to save a stranger without thinking twice about it, let alone a friend.


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