Cobb to Offer Transport Vouchers to Disabled Residents

The county was awarded $528,850 in federal funding to support development of the program.

The Atlanta Regional Commission recently awarded Cobb County Department of Transportation with $528,850 in federal funding to support development of a voucher program for disabled residents.

Officials said the funding will be used to reach disabled residents, between the ages of 18 and 59, who live outside Cobb Community Transit service areas.

The Board of Commissioners cut the three bus routes and associated paratransit routes in July 2011. The cost for the three regular and paratransit routes per year is $3.1 million. Four hundred and sixty-three paratransit riders were affected by the cut.

“We have a long list of persons already identified who fall in this category and are so pleased to be able to offer some assistance to those who face transportation and mobility challenges on a daily basis,” said Laraine A. Vance, transportation planning manager.

The funds are a portion of the $3.3 million awarded by the ARC to 11 recipients which operate transportation programs or transit routes that serve individuals. Those individuals do not drive because of age, disability or because they cannot afford a car.

The funding is part of the Federal Transit Administration’s grant program and is distributed annually.

Tea Man February 21, 2012 at 04:05 PM
NO! NO! NO! This is classic charity via government, Obamatocracy. And what strings come with this? The objective is admirable but this is the job of charities and churches and if we don't stop taking these kinds of tax dollars from the federal government, we are selling our children's freedoms down the river! Where does this money come from? Working taxpayers - and if Obama gets re-elected, your taxes, gas prices, healthcare premiums and services and govt. loan interest will double, mark my words!
Moderate Joe November 28, 2012 at 01:34 PM
and how does a church fund this? Church attendance is down even in the South....and that started way b4 Obama was elected and when was the last time you helped a handicap Cobb Co. resident? Also you need special vehicles to transport many of these citizens and you want a church to just go and buy a $30k van? And remember many of these folks also paid taxes, you should be happy that the companies that are going to do this a private and not gov. workers....otherwise please tell me you wanna close down Dobbins and Lockheed since the get a ton of $$$ from the government....


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