Council Sends Sunday Sales to Voters

Despite opposition from Councilwoman Nancy Hudson and a public commenter, Sunday package alcohol will appear on March's ballot for Powder Springs residents.

Before the Powder Springs City Council voted Monday to send Sunday package alcohol sales to voters, Councilwoman Nancy Hudson and city resident Roger Boe voiced their opposition.

"It is tragic evidence that the state of Georgia is in a deplorable decline when so many of its citizens find it viable that they have an extra day to purchase alcoholic beverages," said Boe, 64. "Six days should be more than enough to purchase the poison of alcohol."

Boe, the lone public commenter at Monday's meeting, referenced Bible verses against alcohol and noted negative effects, including women drinking it before they realize they're pregnant, car accidents, and cancer.

"Statistics will go up. Someone will die. And more tragic results will happen," he said, telling Patch after the meeting: "What do we have to gain? There are going to be a lot of problems associated with it."

In June, the council of putting Sunday sales on . Then at last Wednesday's work session, Mayor Pat Vaughn and Councilwoman Rosalyn Neal of allowing voters to make the decision.

"At the last election, we did have a lot of citizens that showed up to vote on this issue and wanted to know why we had not given them the choice," Vaughn said Monday.

Before Hudson voted against the resolution and made the tally 4-1, she said that only one person emailed council members in support of the public vote on Sunday sales, and that person lives outside the city limits.

"For me to be true to my religious and moral beliefs and after seeing what the effects and consequences of alcohol can do to an individual and families, I cannot with a good conscious give my vote to the Sunday sale of alcohol," she said.

Sunday package sales will appear on the March 6, 2012 ballot along with the presidential primary. Residents of unincorporated Cobb will also have .  

If approved in Powder Springs, package alcohol sales will be permitted between 12:30 and 11:30 p.m. on Sundays. The new law would go into effect as soon as the Board of Elections & Registration certifies the vote totals.

Also on Monday:

  • The council approved the 's two through sealed bids to another police agency.
  • The council approved a $100-a-year lease agreement with Norfolk Southern for space adjacent to .
  • Bonus Building Care of Atlanta was awarded a $8,300 annual contract for the city's janitorial services. Aspire Landscaping was awarded a $30,000 annual contract for the city's landscaping services. The contracts were given to private firms being done by Paulding County inmates. Director Greg Ramsey expects the switch to save as much as $119,000 a year for the city. Councilman Tom Bevirt, who was in his next to last legislative meeting after during this month's elections, complimented Ramsey on saving the city money. "I'm glad that I will be leaving (the city) in a better shape than what things were last year here financially."
  • The council approved an agreement with Norfolk Southern that will allow for preliminary engineering work to be done for the at Brownsville Road. The project is being funded by the county. Hudson voted against the measure after voicing concerns about someone getting killed on the tracks because they didn't hear a train approaching. "I have reservations if we're going to be held liable," she said.
  • Police Chief Sewell introduced , who was recently hired from the Alpharetta Police Department, and Detective Lieutenant Lane Cadwell, who was recently promoted from sergeant. Sewell said Cadwell is the sole detective for the department, which once had four detectives. He and council members noted the good work Robison and Cadwell are doing.
  • Vaughn noted the upcoming .
  • Neal mentioned the success of the .
  • Council members thanked Bevirt for his three terms of service. "I appreciate everyone who comes (to council meetings) often—all two of you, three sorry," he joked.
  • Council members wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.
Michael Stone November 22, 2011 at 06:20 AM
How will you vote on package alcohol sales on Sundays? Vote in our Patch poll: http://powdersprings.patch.com/articles/poll-how-would-you-vote-on-sunday-alcohol#photo-5374310
David Staples November 22, 2011 at 02:45 PM
I am the lone person who e-mailed the city council members and mayor. Yes, I do live outside the city limits in unincorporated Cobb (with a Powder Springs address). However, both the Kroger and Publix that I have been doing my Sunday grocery shopping at are inside the city limits. Since Hiram has passed Sunday alcohol sales, I'll be doing my grocery shopping there until Powder Springs decides that it's okay for the grocery stores closest to my house to be allowed the freedom to conduct transactions on the same products they sell the other six days of the week without any problems. While I respect Nancy and Roger's religious beliefs, I do not share them. If alcohol is going to be outlawed on Sunday (even though it's been shown that a glass or two a day can actually help prevent cancer), then perhaps so should red meat (which has been shown to be a leading factor in heart disease) and fast food. How about telling McDonalds, KFC, et al that they've got to close their doors on Sundays? Perhaps tell the Green Tomato Buffet that they're not allowed to serve fried chicken on Sundays? I'm sure that will go over real well. Perhaps Roger and Nancy could explain to the stores in Powder Springs why local residents (in and outside of the city limits) are shopping in neighboring municipalities.
Tea Man December 03, 2011 at 08:13 PM
Free choice and less government regulation should prevail in a democracy. Let the people decide.


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