Florida Woman Rides Manatee, Turns Herself In

In other national headlines, a man attacked by a shark in 1998 wants to save them, and protestors gathered outside a Paul Ryan fundraiser.

Manatee Rider Turns Herself In

A woman caught in photos riding a manatee in a Florida park turned herself in Tuesday, after authorities launched a high-profile search for her.

Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez, 52, was not arrested due to the crime not happening in the presence of a deputy. It is against the law to touch manatees, which are listed as endangered by the state and federal governments. See the photos...

Man Attacked by Shark Wants to Save Them

Some people who survived being bitten by the ocean's largest predator, the great white shark, say they didn't even feel the bite.

Not Jonathan Kathrein, who, at 16, had a huge chunk taken out of his leg from his knee to his hip on Aug. 26, 1998 while surfing at a California beach. 

"It was like getting hit by a car," he told an audience of underwater photographers and scientists at a film and conservation event over the weekend. 

His goal in speaking is to help protect great whites, of which there are estimated to be only 400 along the Central California coast. Read more...

Demonstrators Protest Paul Ryan Connecticut Appearance

Dozens of Occupy members and a group satirically calling themselves "Millionaires for McMahon" staged a protest in Connecticut Sunday, near a fundraiser for Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Police blocked some traffic as demonstrators stood with signs and marched. The fundraiser, where guests paid $1,000 to $10,000 to attend, was the first of three Connecticut appearances for Ryan on Sunday. See photos...


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