Former Councilman Pushes for TSPLOST Forum

Tom Bevirt suggested to the Powder Springs City Council Monday that the city host a meeting on what he called a “very serious, complicated issue."

Calling the proposed 10-county transportation tax a “very serious, complicated issue,” former Powder Springs Councilman Tom Bevirt suggested to the present council Monday that the city host a TSPLOST forum.

Bevirt mentioned .

“People who were in favor of the tax for the transportation program spoke for 45 minutes, and after the program, I spoke to some citizens, and they said, ‘Well we’re still confused as much as when we’re leaving as when we came in,” he said.

“So I think it’d be a good idea for the city to very seriously consider a forum, debate, whatever somebody wants to call them these days” between now and July 31, the day of the vote.

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Bevirt said the forum, held at either the or , would be a “very good favor” to citizens. Mayor Pat Vaughn would make a good moderator, he added.

Council members gave no immediate response to Bevirt’s suggestion, made during the public comment period at the beginning of Monday’s council meeting at the .

If the 1 percent sales tax increase is approved by the 10 metro Atlanta counties involved, it is expected to bring in about $7.22 billion over 10 years. Of that, $6.14 billion will go to 157 regional projects, while the rest (15 percent) will be given to local governments based on population and road mileage.

Powder Springs and unincorporated Cobb are expected to receive about $3 million and $13.3 million, respectively, of the $17 million raised annually for the county, and will be able to use the money at their discretion for transportation projects.

In other business Monday:

  • The council declared . Officials will now have the property appraised for an idea of how much they can get for it.
  • Vaughn said last week’s National Day of Prayer observance at was “absolutely fantastic,” and by beating , it set the record for turnout.
  • The mayor reminded residents that there is a public meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Coach Ford Center during which will be explained and citizens will be able to share questions and concerns.
  • Vaughn thanked the for honoring the .
  • Councilman Al Thurman reminded citizens that there will be a Ward 2 town hall meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at the Ron Anderson Recreation Center.
  • Councilwoman Nancy Hudson noted .


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