Former Powder Springs Mayor Named Interim City Manager

Brad Hulsey, also the city's health insurance broker, will cease such work and commissions during his tenure as city manager.

The man who preceded Pat Vaughn as the mayor of Powder Springs will serve as the city’s interim city manager until a permanent one is found.

“It’s an honor. Thank you very much,” Brad Hulsey said Monday night after Vaughn recommended his appointment and the City Council approved 4-0, with Councilwoman Cheryl Sarvis absent.

Hulsey was on the council from 1996-99 and was mayor from 2000-03. He has been involved in several local organizations (see attached video), and before coming to Powder Springs, he served as a Rockmart city councilman from 1984-91.

“Most everyone does know him. Brad has had a number of years experience in municipal government in several capacities,” Vaughn said, later adding, “We know his dedication, his hard work, (and) his honesty.”

Since 2004—the year Vaughn went from councilwoman to mayor—Hulsey has served as the city’s health insurance broker under Aflec.

Vaughn said that as long as Hulsey is city manager, he will cease to receive commissions from his previous work with Powder Springs, and won’t discuss renewing benefits or the appointment of another insurance broker.

Another Aflec agent has already been assigned to work with the city, Vaughn said.

The appointment comes 11 days after Rick Eckert announced his resignation in a special-called meeting. Eckert, who wasn’t present Monday, has “intentions of going other places,” Vaughn said.

Eckert signed a two-year contract in May 2010 for $115,000 annually. He has agreed to serve as a consultant if needed until the end of that contract.

Hulsey will be paid $6,000 a month.

“I understand my responsibilities and my duties,” said the husband and father of three, “and I will act accordingly to those and do the best to my abilities to serve (council members) and serve this city.”

Ads calling for applicants for the permanent position will be taken out immediately, and the city will consider putting together a board to assist in narrowing the search and choosing the best applicant, Vaughn said.

In recent years, Powder Springs has seen a change in a few of its administrative positions. Before Eckert came in 2010, Vaughn served as city manager following Charles Nickerson being placed on leave in late 2008 and fired in early 2009.

L. Rick Richardson, who had served as police chief since 1994, was fired in early 2011 for allegedly authorizing the direct sale of three police vehicles instead of them being sold at auction. He was replaced by current Chief Charlie Sewell.

Rodger Swaim retired in 2011 after seven years as the city's Public Works director. He was succeeded by current Public Works Director Greg Ramsey.

Also on Monday:

  • The council passed a resolution that will require alcohol wholesalers to purchase an annual license to do business in the city. Each of the three alcohol types—wine, beer and spirits—will require a $100 license, meaning someone selling all three would pay $300.
  • City Clerk Dawn Davis was honored for being named a certified municipal clerk by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.
Chris Wizner February 21, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Point of Clarification- The meeting at which Mr. Eckert resigned was a Special Called Meeting, but it was Open and Advertised.
Ellie February 21, 2012 at 02:40 PM
The hiring of former Mayor Husley, while not my first choice, is a practical one. My reason for him not being my first choice is due to fact that Mayor Vaughn and Husley are very close friends, and this may give the appearance of nepotism; which is another potential controversy that this city does not need. But like many of us would do, we would go with who we know. However, as a former resident, councilman and, of course, Mayor, he knows the city well and the employees who work here. He has an established professional relationship with members of council which should ease the transition. That is if one occurs. My guess is that the $6000/mo is roughly the same salary Mr. Eckert was receiving less benefits, so his tenure will not cost any additional funds from the city.
Tea Man February 21, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Ellie is making two assumptions about costs: 1. She assumes Mr Eckert's compensation of $115,000/yr was salary and benefits, so she is assuming the pay part is $6,000/mo. We should know if this is correct. 2. She assumes that the two year Eckert contract that extends to 2013 @ 115,000 does not include a payoff or severance package. If it does, the cost to the City tax payers is an additional $6,000/mo plus any benefits Brad may receive as well. All of this information should be made available to the public now.
Michael Stone (Editor) February 21, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Hi Dr. Wizner, I apologize for that and have made the correction. I misunderstood you when we were talking the other day and confirming the MDJ story, which called it "a closed session meeting." Thank you for letting us know and keeping us straight!
James February 25, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Didn't Brad Hulsey serve as interium city manager before?
James March 10, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Vaughn said that as long as Hulsey is city manager, he will cease to receive commissions from his previous work with Powder Springs, and won’t discuss renewing benefits or the appointment of another insurance broker. I bet his commissions are less than the $6,000.00 per month he is recieving.


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