Town Hall, State of City Tonight

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Coach Ford Center's Reception Hall.

Powder Springs Mayor Pat Vaughn is set to give her annual State of the City address tonight at 7 at the 's .

Last year, Vaughn .

Also at the meeting, the results from by the University of Georgia's Fanning Institute will be presented.

Additionally, residents will have the chance to meet with city officials from the , and departments.

Sally A. March 20, 2012 at 04:17 PM
City officials need to address the following questions tonight. 1. What services are being provided to the city by consultant Rick Eckert? What projects is he currently working on? What goals were established to insure that the citizen would get an appropriate return on its consultant investment of $30,000? Was any kind of contract agreed upon outlining expected goals of Mr. Eckert in his role as consultant? In his role as consultant, has Mr. Eckert attended any work sessions or public hearings? 2. Brad Hulsey is currently serving as interim City Manager for $6000 per month. How many hours per week is he contracted to provide to the city? Is there a contract? Is Mr. Husley conducting any business during city time in the operation of his insurance business with Aflac? With both an interim CM and on also serving in a consultant role, are there any duplication of services? 3. With yesterday's closing of Marietta's Theatre on the Square, does council still see it as a sound investment to pursue converting the building space adjacent to the library. While venues like Cultural Arts Centers are important to a community, nationwide are currently struggling financially. How would such a center trive in Powder Springs? Is their an oversight committee in place to promote this facility? What will be the cost to the city to maintain such a center? http://westcobb.patch.com/articles/splost-could-push-cultural-arts-center-forward


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