Powder Springs Still Pondering on 'Worst Property'

With "very specific procedures" needed for demolishing a structure under a nuisance abatement order, City Attorney Richard Calhoun said he wanted to make sure the move wouldn’t be premature.

Powder Springs officials are still deciding what to do with what one city employee previously called

As the City Council continued weighing the possibility of demolition at Wednesday’s work session, City Attorney Richard Calhoun said he wanted to make sure the move wouldn’t be “premature” and all the right steps, like giving adequate notice, were taken.

There are “very specific procedures” that have to be followed by the “nth degree” when demolishing a structure under a nuisance abatement order, he said.

Officials still can’t find who owns the vandalized, trashed house at 3862 Misty Bleau Drive off Hopkins Road. The last known titleholder, Wells Fargo, won’t say who it was sold to, Directory Pam Conner said.

The plumbing, heating and air, and wiring have been removed from within; repairs total an estimated $40,000, rendering the structure virtually worthless. The land alone is valued at $14,000.

With an outstanding balance on the mortgage, the deplorable conditions are why the lender hasn’t foreclosed, Calhoun said.

The lowest bid for destruction is $6,000, and before that, $1,879 is needed to clear debris from inside, Conner said.

Powder Springs taxes haven’t been paid since 2010, county taxes since 2009, and the city is adding charges when employees mow the grass.

There’s still the possibility of letting the fire department burn the house and use it for practice, but the house doesn’t burn to the ground and the city would still have to remove debris, officials said.

“There’s still a cost associated with it” after the fire department, Calhoun said.

Before moving forward with anything, Calhoun said he would research more on the procedures for demolition under the nuisance abatement order.

Also on Wednesday:

  • The was on the agenda, but Mayor Pat Vaughn said city staff is still researching and that the council won’t vote on the measure at Monday’s legislative meeting. At the last work session, officials said the city is losing $30,000 a month following Cobb raising utility rates, with Powder Springs yet to catch them up for city customers.
  • The council discussed a request from a resident near Pineview Drive to lease a quarter of an acre of city-owned property for a garden. In his first meeting, interim City Manager Brad Hulsey said this might encourage other people to start requesting leasing other city property. Vaughn said she would like more information before proceeding.
  • Hulsey said he’s had a “very busy first six days.”
Debi Dugger March 01, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Disagree that this is the worst property in the city...but that's all I'm gonna say. The situation I know of appears to being handled more successfully.
Michael Mayo March 01, 2012 at 08:54 PM
I agree with Debi. Property doesn't look that bad. New owner is probably just scared the city will charge it for demolition. New owner should come out and at least maintain the property if they are planning on renovating or building a new home there. A pre-engineered home could replace the existing home.


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