Rep. Alexander Appointed to 3 Committees

State Representative for House District 66, (Douglas & Paulding Counties) Representative Kimberly Alexander has been appointed to the Intragovernmental Coordination Committee

After completing her first week in office as the new State Representative for House District 66, (Douglas & Paulding Counties) Representative Kimberly Alexander has been appointed by Speaker of the House David Ralston to the highly important Intragovernmental Coordination Committee of the Georgia House of Representatives.

The committee is assigned all local legislation; meaning local bills that primarily affect only one city or county. Every year, hundreds of Georgia’s cities and counties send up bills to the General Assembly requesting changes in the way they can operate locally. Certain changes must be approved by the state legislature. When local legislation is introduced, it first goes through the Intragovernmental Coordination Committee.

“I look forward to serving the citizens of District 66 and all of Georgia by sitting on the Intragovernmental Coordination Committee, “ said Alexander. “Government is most effective and responsive to our constituents, when our local and state government bodies work hand In hand together.”

In addition, Rep. Alexander was also appointed to the Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment Committee, which is responsible for drawing the boundaries of Georgia’s State House, State Senate and U.S. House districts.

Finally, Rep. Alexander will serve as the Ranking Member of the House of Representatives Code Revision Committee, which is charged with repealing those portions of the Georgia Code which have become obsolete, have been declared to be unconstitutional, or have been preempted or superseded by subsequent laws.

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Murray Jr January 23, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Always good to have a local rep on important Committees. This is good information. Information like this is why I like Patch so much.


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