I'm Petergaye Rhodes; originally from St. Andrew (which is outside of Kingston), Jamaica. I came to Atlanta, GA 22 years ago to study Hotel Administration. My plan was to go back to Jamaica to practice Hotel management. I met my husband Dwayne Rhodes here in Atlanta. Soon after we met, it became apparent that my plan to go back to Jamaica might be put on hold; at least for the present.
Dwayne and I have now been married 17 years. We have 4 kids: Jordan - 17, Ajia - 15, Kaija (Kye'ya) - 12, Justin - 6. As you can imagine, our household is usually bustling with activities. We enjoy our family talks around the dinner table. We also enjoy taking family trips to domestic locations and abroad. And we have fun hosting family friendly barbecues at our home. My plan to move back to Jamaica is still on hold. But I figure we'll revisit that plan once the kids are 'out the house'. For now I visit Jamaica as often as I can, and the kids spend a few weeks per year there during their summer breaks.
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